Radical preaching made me burn my Diary- cry my beloved diary.

“Burn them! Bring them down to ashes and set yourselves free!” he said.

A melachonly mood fell upon me today, and for a second l was imprisoned in the past and felt sad.

A thought had come across my mind, and l struggled to piece together the puzzle of that memory. And then l remembered how l had meticulously written down all the details in my diary, a diary l had owned from the time l was eight right until eighteen or so.

See ever since l was child, the art of writing has always captivated me and l carefully recorded all the major events, believing l would one day draw accurate details from these transcripts for conversations or whatever need may be.

And today as my human mind failed me, l missed my diary and regretted my foolish decision to burn it.

See it was after one Sunday morning when the pastor had taken to the pulpit and talked about how we hold on to pain. How we pen down our sufferings and reflect on them day to day thereby setting ourselves back. Well he had a point, it is not good to hold on to pain… but maybe you might have used a different example Pastor.

“Burn them he said,bring them down to ashes and set yourselves free!”

Having taken a survey by asking those of us who had diaries to raise their hands, the main message that day became our diaries. An alter call commenced and those who had their diaries in their Handbags obediently surrendered them over to the Pastor to be destroyed.

l was one of the few who had theirs at home, but honey l raced home after service, and went straight to that drawer like a woman possessed and put my baby in flames.

How sad. Oh how my heart bleeds for the younger me. Ten years of my well detailed life went up in flames that day. It had everything from birthdays, funerals, first day at school, pets, holidays and so on. Things which now only remain on the circumference of my mind but can never be vividly remembered again.

Ok l will stop now, for my heart is getting heavier with every word l say about this. Nonetheless l will leave you with this,

Africa will surely perish from these radical preachers with falsehoods. Extreme Religion will destroy us.

Cry my beloved Diary.

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