How pilots (I to be precise) behave as passengers.

I thought this was a very insightful piece and l would share because the curious George in me is always asking these questions.

AviaConnect - cleared for takeoff

Ever noticed how hard and at times irritating it is driving a car with a driver on the passenger seat. It literary takes you back to driving school or gives you that feeling that you are not driving your own car lol.

Fortunately its a different experience in aeroplanes as a pilot who is flying as a passenger is always tucked away in the passenger cabin, not in the cockpit in full view of the flight crew. This however does not stop pilots exhibiting some interesting or maybe rather annoying behavior at times. Pilots fly as passengers for various reasons such as going on holiday, positioning flight or home flight after their shift.

pilot repo Image – Pilots journals

I have to admit I was pretty bad at the beginning as well. I remember after just completing my training for my private pilot licence, whenever I flew as a passenger I just…

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