Who were you before they broke you?

Like most of you, l have my routines, and my morning ones which l have even come to term rituals play an important role as to how my day will shape up. Hence l always try to start the day on a positive note.

Reading is part of my transit ritual, but l only pick up my kindle once l am in the train. My 10 minute bus ride is dedicated to you alls status updates, mainly WhatsApp Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook is now so ancient to me and only comes as a last resort if l still have to time to kill.

So yesterday one of my friends had a status that caught my attention. l mean its always the usual verse of the day, quotes, memes, your smiling faces etc. l always race through them at lighting speed. l don’t even understand how l do it, its like an automated scroll tap tap tap process, l am quite detached from it but my brain absorbs the information. Nevertheless once in a while l pause,,,, the deep stuff holds my attention.

And so it was yesterday when l read that first line,…

who were you before they broke you?

l didn’t even bother with the rest of the text she had written, but that line alone was enough for me to stow my phone away, pick up my shovel and dig away into the archives and boy oh boy, was that a question.

who was l before they broke me?

…who was l before they broke me? You know what l cant even tell you guys anymore at this moment, because the person l am now wont allow it.

But this has stuck with me all night and l find myself taking steps to find that girl again, for l can not allow it.

So you all think about it will you.

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