Facebook the Toxicbook

Two years ago from today l started my blog, and to celebrate it might as well let the ink run. Especially today were l woke up waked up by Facebook!!!Facebook the Toxicbook!!!

A few days ago as l was going down my timeline, l came across a video of soldiers executing two women and their kids. The other must have been four or so, and the other was on the mothers back and still looking around curiously when the endless tirade of bullets hit them. For quite some time l lay paralyzed in bed, I was totally taken aback and shocked. Nothing had prepared me for that inhumane act of violence.

Several days pass but finally my scrolling addiction takes its toll on me and l find myself back on Facebook. This time around a friend had shared a video and it popped on my timeline. Unsuspecting l tapped on the uncover video button, mostly it is nudity or strong language that lays behind. Nothing that my 28-year-old self can’t take, but lo and behold, that day it was a woman beating her two infants almost to the point of death because the husband had left her. Even though l immediately closed the page, it stung straight to my heart and the eyes and screams of that child stuck in my head. I even had nightmares that night.

Now, maybe some of you are unphased by violence but does anyone else realise the nasty turn Facebook has taken. Where are the silly innocent honest status updates?  Facebook was a place where l could keep in touch with my extended circle of friends and family. Then the endless features came, some desirable than others, then the manipulation and addiction came, then the marketeers took over, and now Facebook is just this world, almost like a departmental store where you can find anything and everything.

A few days ago I came so close to deleting my account but a few things stopped me, mainly

  • Our Next Step Page: a movement we started to make information accessible, inspire, advise and mentor. That vision is bigger than me, hence l cannot exit the Toxicbook.
  • Free Marketing Tool: toxic as it may, Facebook is still the fastest free way of sharing information and reaching many people simultaneously. Being a creative myself l cannot deny myself of this necessity.

Other than that l am so over Facebook. It is has become so toxic and one has to be very careful about what content they expose themselves to. Two weeks later l am still fighting the trauma of those posts.

4 thoughts on “Facebook the Toxicbook

  1. Thanks for a great post. You’re right that FB has become a giant department store offering a varied catalog of products. But I’m afraid FB is not to blame; users make their own choices. If you subscribe to positive, uplifting or comedic pages, that’s what will figure in your timeline. The same way people go in a department store and only focus on a few ailes, the same way FB users can choose what they read, watch or hear. It’s up to the users….We shouldn’t blame, for example, a cutlery manufacturer if someone uses its knife or fork to hurt someone else.

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  2. Well true but only your algorithm is determined by what you like and subscribe to. The other 50% is determined by the content of your friends algorithms, and that you cannot control. Like it as we may, our friends all have a unique taste as to what they consume or find fascinating.


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